Białystok Power Plant

ELEKTROCIEPŁOWNIA BIAŁYSTOK – construction supervision/scaffolding desing – MIFAMA S.A. / MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE. We have supervised the construction of two steel biomass containers, each of them with a cubic capacity of over1,000 m3. The specific design requirements regarding the standards of welds produced at the site have greatly complicated the process of the components welding. We have been obliged to use the newest welding techniques available at the construction site. Welding has mostly been done at heights, on a special scaffolding designed by ABASTRAN.

Steel flyover in Tarnobrzeg DK871

STEEL FLYOVER IN TARNOBRZEG DK871 – Construction supervision – EXBUD SKANSKA S.A. Building the flyover in Tarnobrzeg by the DK 871 road meant mounting more than 600 tons of steel above a functioning railway and a major road. The bridge consists of more than 20 steel beams weighing more than 20 t. The assembling process required mobile cranes lifting 350 t. At some point, we were forced to erect the structure from both ends at the same time in order to insert the closing element located exactly above the railway. The assembly and integration of this key part needed to be completed in 24 h. We made it...

Speedway Stadium roof extension and modernization in Toruń

SPEEDWAY STADIUM ROOF EXTENSION AND MODERNISATION IN TORUŃ – Construction supervision – EXBUD SKANSKA S.A In 2010, we were responsible for supervising the extension and modernization at the speedway stadium in Toruń. The construction works were performed at a height of 30 m and consisted of enlarging the existing steel structure. It was an extremely difficult project both in terms of design and implementation. The works unfolded within very tight deadlines and under the watchful eye of the local media, adding to the pressure. Thanks to the excellent skills and determination of all participants, today, the city can enjoy a fully covered speedway track.