Amphitheatre “Pod Grojcem” – Żywiec

As requested by Mostmarpal sp z o.o., we have put together a partial design of the membrane Amphitheater in Żywiec, including:

  • the main arch with ground stakes,
  • the ring with suspension rods and the head supporting the membrane,
  • the posts lashings behind the stage,
  • the tensioning elements of the main membrane,
  • the rooflights.

Polski Koks S.A. Conveyor Belt Bridge

POLSKI KOKS S.A. – optimization of the conveyor belt steel bridge structure. In 2013, we prepared an implementation and workshop design of a conveyor belt bridge for CARBOPROJEKT Sp. z o.o. The bridge has been conceptualized as a single-span truss bridge of 25 m in length, made from cold-formed and hot-rolled profiles.

Helicopter landing platform – Centre for Burns Treatment in Siemianowice Śląskie

A STEEL STRUCTURE PROJECT FOR MOSTMARPAL SP. Z O.O. We have prepared a project of the helicopter landing platform for the Centre for Burns Treatment in Siemianowice Śląskie. The construction components are adapted to the equipment found on-site. The platform is located above an operating hospital. The static calculation has been done with the use of the SOFISTiK software, whereas the structure model has been prepared in the SolidWorks programme. e-Drawings technology has helped facilitate the communication flow between the contractor and our office during the whole process.