Membrane facade for Nestle Purina in Wrocław

We have conceptualized a wave-shaped facade with concave and convex arcs. The membrane is mounted and tensioned with special aluminum profiles designed by our office. The distance between the subsequent poles varies 6 m – 12 m. The facade is 12 m high and 190 linear meters long. The total surface of the membrane is 2000m2.

Membrane roof of the Amphitheatre in Tomaszów Lubelski

In October 2014 we completed the project for the membrane roof in the Amphitheatre in Tomaszów Lubelski, requested by the architectural studio “WIMAR - pracownia projektowa”. The steel structure is made of spatially curved round tubes. Stretched between the beams, the saddle-shaped membrane is a load-bearing component of the structure. The total surface of the roof over the stage and seating areas is 700m2.

Amphitheatre in Świnoujście

We have designed the membrane roof for the Świnoujście Amfitheatre, including its tensioning elements. In this umbrella-shaped structure, the membrane is spanned across the steel lattice girders and tensioned at its edges with gusset plates. Additional cables prevent any membrane relocation caused by wind suction. The total surface of the roof is 2,900 m2 (main membrane – 2,600 m2, side membranes – 250 m2). The roof is made from two types of materials provided by Mehler Texnologies.