Structural designs

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Membrane structures

We are one of the few design companies offering membrane structures. We provide designs of entire constructions and of the assembly and cutting patterns of the membrane.

Membrane structures represent a significant challenge to designers, architects and contractors since they allow to build objects of unprecedented shape. A thin membrane stretched across steel frames or cables is the load bearing element of the roof or facade structure. Structural stability is ensured by the membrane tension.

Cable structures

We design comprehensive cable structures, adjust the cable tension, mounting and assembly techniques and specify the exact cable length. Our fast and effective manner of providing such projects allows for fast and easy installation.

Although well-known for a long time, cable structures represent a relatively low percentage of constructed buildings and are most often found in bridges and towers as anchor lashings. They are becoming more popular in sport facilities as the bearing structures.

Reinforced concrete structures

  • Industrial buildings (halls, storage tanks, silos)
  • Shopping malls
  • Multi-storey apartment buildings
  • Base plates
  • Detached houses

We offer the highest standard of services in the field of designing new buildings and optimizing reinforced concrete structures. We also prepare projects of steel, membrane and cable structures.

Steel structures designs

Steel structures projects have always been part of our activity. We are among a few companies that use the specialist software SOFiSTIK developed by German engineers. Its unmatched capacities and high speed combined with the knowledge and experience we have gained in designing and coordinating steel structural works, offer a wide scope of opportunities in the construction industry.