Structural designs and optimization solutions

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Engineering structures designs

Our designs are created using innovative software (Allplan BIM Inżynieria 2011, SolidWorks 2010, Sofistik 2012), allowing us to meet every Customer’s expectations. Three-dimensional design programme helps us optimize the structural weight, contributing significantly to the final return on investment.

  • design of steel structures (stadiums, sheds, arenas)
  • design of membrane cable structures
  • design of reinforced concrete structures (housing developments, industrial buildings, storage tanks)
  • structural assembly and erection designs

Structural optimization solutions

We are experts in optimizing constructions. Due to our individual approach to each structure and utmost attention given to every detail, our products are safe, optimized and easy to make. For this reason, we use the advanced static calculation programme SOFiSTIK, still uncommon in Poland, and SOLIDWORKS for modeling and preparing drawing documents.

  • optimization of steel structures
  • optimization of reinforced concrete structures
  • optimization of wood structures