Steel structure workshop designs

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We prepare steel structure workshop designs using the newest SolidWorks software, which allows us to eliminate errors, making the steel structure execution and assembly time and cost effective.

We manufacture any kind of steel structures, including:

  • halls
  • industrial buildings
  • sport facilities
  • shopping centres

Our workshop documentation is accurate and adapted to the steel structure manufacturing plants’ technologies. Our designs are based on the provided construction and implementation documents.

By creating transparent and clear workshop drawings in the SolidWorks software, we perform even the most demanding projects. The tool enables fast introduction of any modifications without the risk of drawing errors.

Since we provide the workshop and implementation documents both in hard copies and e-Drawings files, they can be freely viewed on any computer (without any additional software), which accelerates the information and arrangements exchange within the team.

While producing building and implementation designs with static calculation, we also offer steel structure optimization solutions.

We encourage you to take advantage of our services:

  • Steel structure optimization solutions